La Gente includes over 200 portraits of people I have met on the streets of San Miguel de Allende. Many of the images can be seen in my large-format print series, which is being shared for free across San Miguel.

All of the portraits are on this website, on our Facebook page at @lagentemexicana and on Instagram @lagentemexicana. Please share the series with your Facebook and Instagram friends.

The photographs were taken on the street and in the campo using a portable white background, two assistants and bright Mexican sun light supplemented by an on camera strobe. This simple system allowed us to move around to photograph a range of Sanmiguelense including clergy, firemen, students, vendors, musicians and, best of all, families.

peter shooting la gente barbie.JPG

San Miguel de Allende has become one of the most visited cities in Mexico. For those of you who have never heard of San Miguel, Travel + Leisure Magazine recently named the city “The Best City In The World”. Yes, this designation may sound a bit over the top. But, San Miguel is magical – as you can see.

La Gente is a non-profit project. It is my photographic gift.

Thank You,

My Friends

Thank you to everyone who agreed to be photographed. If you want a free print or file of your portrait, please contact me by going to the contact page on this website or on Facebook.

I must extend a huge thank you to the people who helped me produce the photographs, printed piece and digital elements. I could not have produced this work without their skills, smiles and, most importantly, their Spanish.

Lola Anderson Richards
Ri Anderson
Lorenzo Rincón Gallardo
Daniela della Villar
Lucy Orsonio
Colby Barsketis
Israel Artega Tovar
Sabrina Surving
Andrew Maudlin
Michael Hofler
Art Print Express

More Mexican Perspectives

Here are just a few links to other photographers that have shared their personal view of Mexicans and Mexico. I hope you explore these photographers and the history of Mexican photography itself. Mexico is one of the most visual, human and, often, surreal landscapes.

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